Monday, May 23, 2022

 Sharon Springs Free Library 

Trustee Meeting 

May 26, 2022 


  • Call to Order 

  • Approval of Minutes 

  • Treasurer’s Report 

  • President’s Report   

    Construction grants available in fall  

    Thank you to Helen and JoAnn for working as a team to keep library open 

     Wellness Grant Update 

  • Director’s Report 

  • Privilege of the Floor 

  • Committee Reports 

  • Administration  

  • Budget and Finance  

  • Joint Facility 

  • Facility maintenance  

  • Fundraising  

  • Executive  

  • Nominating 

  • Ad Hoc/ Ballot Committee  

  • Old Business 

  • Floor estimate 

  • New Business 

  • Executive session as needed 

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

 Sharon Springs Free Library

Trustee Meeting

April 28, 2022


· Call to Order

· Approval of Minutes

· Treasurer’s Report

· President’s Report

· Director’s Report · Privilege of the Floor

· Committee Reports

o Administration

o Budget and Finance

o Joint Facility

o Facility maintenance

o Fundraising

o Executive

o Nominating

o Ad Hoc/ Ballot Committee

· Old Business

· New Business

Monday, March 21, 2022


Sharon Springs Free Library

Trustee Meeting

March 24, 2022


·        Call to Order

·        Approval of Minutes

·        Treasurer’s Report

·        President’s Report 

    Door Fundraising Challenge? (ramp) Timeframe of construction grant

·        Director’s Report

·        Privilege[JI1]  of the Floor

·        Committee Reports

o   Administration – long range plan

o   Budget and Finance

o   Joint Facility

o   Facility maintenance – floors

o   Fundraising

o   Executive

o   Nominating

o   Ad Hoc/ Ballot Committee

·        Old Business

o   Collection Development – Ad Hoc Committee?

·        New Business

o   Community room usage

·        Executive session – personnel recommendation



Monday, March 14, 2022


Sharon Springs Free Library Trustee Meeting Minutes, February 24, 2022

Trustees Present: Jeanne Irwin, Gina Gilbert, Tonja Law, Bob Fucci, Kate Walrath, Kerry Parsons. Absent Susan Rorick, Patsy Nicosia

Staff Present: Helen Thomas

·         Jeanne called the meeting to order at 7:07p.m. 

·         The January 27, 2022 meeting minutes were provided in advance of the meeting for review. 

·         Motion made by Bob, seconded by Tonja to approve the January 27, 2022 meeting minutes.  All in favor, motion carried. 

·         Treasurer’s Report –

·         Tonja reviewed the Treasurer’s Report.  Summery attached.

·         QuickBooks -Desktop version to online version transferred over well. Monthly subscription with QuickBooks. $270 for the year. Operating account shown incorrectly on report – will be updated this week


·         President’s Report  -


·         Discussed staff evaluations timeline. Personal committee to report back in March meeting.

·         Jeanne did get response back from village/town ARPA for $5000 towards doors.           


Director’s Report – see attached. ·        

·         Winter writing contest ended 2/26 – winner to be decided on 3/19

·         Book discussion was held on 2/19 with 5 in attendance

·         Kate put together survey (both on-line and paper copies at desk. Lots of feedback coming in.

·         New MVLS tech person coming to help create website

·         Patron self-registration goes live 2/23

·         Received annual tax levy check from Town

·         Kate created invitation for patrons to attend Privilege of the Floor

·         Discussed remaining grant funds

·         Privilege of the Floor – none

·         Committee Reports

a.       Administration –- none 

b.      Budget and Finance - none. 

c.       Joint Facility - none 

d.      Facility maintenance –Jeanne reported Susan spoke with contractor regarding door replacement – approximate  cost of $30K 

e.       Fundraising – Funds have slowed down- per Gina. Currently still coming in

f.        Executive - None 

g.      Nominating - None

Ad Hoc/ Ballot Committee   

·         Jeanne will research if we have to be on a ballot to increase funds.

·         IDA reviewing PILOT to see why library and fire dept. not specifically mentioned

·         Need to approach town for procedure for tax increase

Old Business

·         Kate made a privilege of floor invite card, ready to send out

·         Discussed pros and cons of going fine free. Following discussion a motion was made and seconded to go fine free Motion made by Jeanne, seconded by Bob


·         New Business - mask policy will continue until school changes.

·         Next meeting:  March 24, 7pm

·         Adjournment 8:05pm